BREAKING: Congressional Intern Yells Obscenity At President Trump!!

Capitol police are looking for a Congressional intern who "allegedly" yelled an obscenity at President Trump.

As President Trump arrived on Capitol Hill, an unnamed person, who is reportedly a Congressional intern, yelled "Mr. President, f--- you!" Capitol police were last looking for a young white woman wearing an intern badge.

As reported by

A Congressional intern allegedly yelled “Mr. President, F–k You” as President Trump arrived on Capitol Hill Tuesday night for a talk with legislators about immigration.

The F-bomb incident was captured on video as the president walked through a hall on his way to the meeting with GOP congressmen in the Capitol basement.

The shouting takes place amid high tensions concerning Trump’s new “zero-tolerance” policy on immigration.

It's nice to see these type individuals with total disregard for the office of the president are being allowed to intern. One would assume it would be the Democrats allowing this type of garbage to work in our nation's capitol. I hope they find the person responsible.

Do you think this was totally inappropriate? Even if you disagree with some of President Trump's decisions, you should respect his position as president. No matter how bad they might hate it, he was elected by the same system that elected Obama, and previous presidents.

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Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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