BREAKING: A Border Patrol Agent Just Delivered A Viral Message On CNN!

Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera spoke with CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin and set her straight on the policy at the border.

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Border patrol agent Chris Cabrera told his side of the story to CNN host Brooke Baldwin Tuesday about the Trump administration separating families at the border.

Baldwin said that although Cabrera is doing his job, it’s actually up to the Trump administration to fix the immigration problem at the border. She asked Cabrerra, “ Do you think the president should right now end this policy of separating families?”

Cabrera immediately shut Baldwin down, saying, “You know, I think you’re wrong there. It is a law and the law needs to be enforced.”

The border patrol agent went on to say, “As far as if you come across that river illegally, you’re subject to arrest and prosecution and you will get arrested and you will get prosecuted.” He added that “if you don’t like that option, go through the port of entry.”

Cabrera also added that not every family is getting separated at the border, and that “it depends on the circumstances,” especially if a migrant “has a criminal history.”

And For all those who don’t remember, this is how Obama felt about illegal immigration as well:

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Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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