BREAKING: Democrats Call For Hearing On Trump Administration!

The Democrats have called for a hearing on the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy.

Senate Democrats have formally requested a hearing on the Trump administration's policy that separates families at the border. The letter was sent to Chuck Grassley, the Judiciary chairman.

The request comes in the middle of a heated debate on both sides, with even former first ladies Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, and Rosalynn Carter voicing their opinions.

Here's what the letter says:

Dear Chairman Grassley:

The Senate Judiciary Committee has a storied history of discussing and debating the most pressing issues facing our nation. Today. there are few issues more pressing, more agonizing, and more discussed at kitchen tables across America than the Trump administration’s policy of family separation along the Southwest Border.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ ‘zero-tolerance” directive to criminally prosecute each adult apprehended between ports of entry — regardless of individual humanitarian factors or the fact that they may be seeking asylum - has caused the systematic separation of thousands of families, each day. Americans are learning of heart-wrenching stories where small children and infants, some as young as four months old, are forcibly torn away from their mothers and fathers and placed into the arms of’ strangers. Each day, Americans wake up to the realization that a parent’s worst nightmare — not knowing where your child is, what food and shelter they are receiving, and when you will see them again — is a reality for thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers. One immigrant lather was reportedly so deeply distraught when government agents used physical force to take his 3 year-old son away that he subsequently took his own life in custody.

We cannot remain silent in the face of these horrifying stories. Therefore, we respectfully request an immediate oversight hearing to better understand the scope, nature, and impact of the i’rump administration’s new zero-tolerance” policy on children and families. Our Committee, unlike any other in Congress, is uniquely situated to examine the Trump Administration’s "zero tolerance” policy. Further, our Committee has a moral obligation to examine whether this policy is consistent with our most basic American values. We strongly believe it is not. We owe it to the American people o hold a hearing so that we can all, together, learn more about this policy being implemented in our name.

Thank you for your consideration.

Here's the signatures of the Senators involved in the request.

While requesting a hearing, no solution to the immigration problem, or a volunteering to work on immigration reform was offered by the Senators.

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Posted Monday, June 18, 2018

Judy 28 days ago (report)

I suspect that at least 75% of the children are eating better, and being taken better care of now then they were with their parents. And you who are singing the blues about these parents & children being separated--would YOU start out cross country with your children, knowing you will be separated from them when you illegally (ILLEGALLY!!!) cross the border??

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David Haner 28 days ago (report)

It's kind of funny that the former First Ladies didn't know what their husbands were doing!

Bill Slick Willie Clinton started this, Bush followed right along with the same plan, then here comes Obama, you know him, the traitor who wanted to bring America down!

Well, he followed suit just like the previous presidents!!!

Now along comes president Trump who is following the law just like the ones before him

except he wants to change the law! Now all these people are getting upset with him because he's doing the same thing the presidents before him did and the democrats are up in arms, why weren't they protesting when the democrats did this back in 1997???

No wonder nobody wants to vote for the democrats, they're anti American, dishonest and cheaters who raise taxes so they can live like kings and queens and they don't give two cents about the American people!!!

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Conrad 28 days ago (report)

We the the People are NOW the Law & Order ! If You are living in USA Illegally You are a CRIMINAL ! All Criminals will be DEPORTED and will never get a chance to comeback Legally ! We are the Law & Order !

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wasntme 28 days ago (report)

Might as well have another useless hearing. Not like Congress is going to do anything important anyway.

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Eddie 28 days ago (report)

Anyone Stupid enough to believe Trump created this law is missing a few links !! This was a law in effect during the last two presidents !! Why did we Not hear cries about it then ?

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Granny 28 days ago (report)

Well why didn’t you speak up when obama put this is place illegally? You are all for the illegals, how about Harrisburg Pa where 90 per cent of the kids are on free breakfast and lunch programs. Now through the summer we have to try and feed them. What do you want from us. We have to pay for Obamacare and try and feed the world. We can’t do it any more. You don’t want these kids separated from their family? Send them all back to Mexico together. I just fixed the problem.

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