Sec. Nielsen Gets Grilled! Shuts Them All Down!!

Secretary Nielsen got grilled by the press today over the zero-tolerance policy.

When Nielsen was getting hammered by the press, she stood her ground and set the record straight on all of the misleading reports that are coming out surrounding the zero-tolerance policy.

Here's some of what took place.

One reporter went as far as playing a recorded audio track of children crying.

Secretary Nielsen also explained who has the power to fix the problem, and it isn't President Trump.

Press Secretary Sanders had her own question for the media.

So other than taking jabs on Twitter and talking for the camera, where are the outraged Democrats when it comes to actually working on a solution? Why aren't they demanding immigration reform, and putting out new legislation and policy to be voted on, on a daily basis? Why is it that only the Republicans are working on immigration reform?

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Posted Monday, June 18, 2018

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