Kim Kardashian Running For Office Rumors Begin

Kim Kardashian recently made headlines for going to the White House and asking for the pardon of a woman who had been locked up for non violent drug charges.

President Trump commuted the woman's sentence, and now people are questioning if Kardashian might run for office. The reality star is leaving that door open.

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Reality television star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian West responded simply, “never say never” when asked if would she ever run for public office.

In an interview with CNN’s “The Van Jones Show,” Kardashian West said it was not probable that she would run, although she hasn’t eliminated the possibility altogether.

“I guess never say never,” Kardashian West answered. “But that’s not going to be like, Kim’s running. That’s not where I am.”

The comments come after Kardashian West urged for the commutation of Alice Johnson, who had been behind bars for nearly 22 years and was sentenced to life in prison following her conviction for a nonviolent drug offense.

Kardashian said the meeting with Trump and the things she was able to accomplish opened her eyes to the possibility of the good that could be done.

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Posted Sunday, June 17, 2018

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