NY Daily News Columnist Still Has Job After Using Racial Slur

A New York Daily News columnist has apologized for using a racial against Fox New's host Kim Guilfoyle.

Linda Stasi criticized Kimberly Guilfoyle for an alleged affair she had with Donald Trump Jr. Stasi said that Guilfoyle was better off "picking grapes" than men. Guilfoyle, who is half Puerto Rican, took immediate offense to the racial comment.

As reported by washingtonexaminer.com

New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi apologized for writing a perceived racial slur about Kimberly Guilfoyle but still defended her column lashing out at the Fox News host.

Stasi published a column on Tuesday calling on Fox News to fire Kimberly Guilfoyle, co-host of “The Five,” over her rumored romantic relationship with Donald Trump Jr. In the piece, she claimed that Guilfoyle is better off “picking grapes” than men, which some saw as a racial slur aimed at Guilfoyle’s Puerto Rican heritage.

The remark was lambasted by a number of Trump supporters on Twitter after it was first picked up by Breitbart and caught the attention of the eldest Trump son, who defended his rumored girlfriend.

After being called out on it, Stasi issued an apology, claiming she had no idea Guilfoyle was part Puerto Rican. Stasi remains employed by the New York Daily News. If any of this sounds somewhat familiar, it's because this is the same scenario that took place with Roseanne Barr. The only difference is Roseanne had her entire career stripped away from her, Roseanne too claimed she had no idea of Valerie Jarret's racial make up, and also issued a public apology.

Is this more liberal media hypocrisy at work? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Posted Thursday, June 14, 2018

Anonymous 1de615 3 days ago (report)

I don't think Puerto Ricans have ever seen a grape tree. We Americans like to put everything and everyone in a little box or category. Putting all Spanish speaking citizens all in one box just show how much we lack in knowledge and how poor our Education system really is!!!

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