Well, Well, Well, Look Who's Giving The Credit To Trump!

Just hours before the polls closed in South Carolina, President Trump made what some consider a shocking move. President Trump took to Twitter and spoke out against Mark Sanford, the incumbent candidate that was almost a certainty to win. Instead, Katie Arrington won. Arrington, also a Republican, could become the state's first Republican woman elected to federal office if she wins, and she owes it all to Trump.


As reported by nbcnews.com

With hours left before polls closed in her race to defeat incumbent Republican Rep. Mark Sanford, Katie Arrington got a shocking text message from a friend: President Donald Trump had just endorsed her on Twitter.

"I was stunned and grateful," she told NBC News, hours after squeaking out a surprise win in the GOP primary for South Carolina's 1st Congressional district. "That tweet kept it from a runoff, without a doubt. We needed the 50 percent plus one and I'm sure that that tweet put us in that realm."

Arrington, 47, won with 50.6 percent of the vote, according to The Associated Press, going from underdog primary challenger up against an incumbent who had never lost an election to November favorite in the safe GOP district.

Trump's endorsement of Arrington solidified her as a Trump Republican. Arrington referred to her party as "The party of President Donald J. Trump" in her victory speech. Arrington spent much of her campaign pushing that she was the type of ally President Trump needs. Apparently the message made its way to President Trump, and the voters.

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Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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