BREAKING: Tommy Robinson gets an angel, U.S. congressman releases statement

Arizona Congressman Rep. Paul Gosar has issued the following statement on the Congressional Record for the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson.

Mr. Speaker, I rise for the following purpose.

I want to share my concern about the arrest and conviction of Tommy Robinson in Great Britain. I am well aware that England does not share our free speech values and does not have the equivalent of a First Amendment. Indeed, the restrictive practices of England led directly to the birth of this great nation and the freedom we enjoy here.
Mr. Robinson, a British activist and journalist, was arrested and jailed for simply filming outside a public courtroom, and was sentenced to 13 months for this "crime." His real crime is not taking pictures; His real crime is his refusal to agree to the government's efforts to cover up crimes by Muslim gangs who are raping British girls, almost with impunity, and with little apparent regard by the British government.

If this act violated a term of probation, it would mean the court system in England is a key part of the problem, covering up for criminals by imposing gag orders as terms of probation.

Dissent is patriotic when the ruling class are illegitimate and oppressive. The ruling class in England appears fearful of the truth. When it bans discussion, and when it criminalizes the truth, any such government can fairly be labeled as both oppressive and tyrannical. I object to the suppression of the truth.

England has a proud history and America is its progeny, but it needs to take back its liberty and freedom. "It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom." Braveheart (1995)

According to reports, Robinson has been moved to a prison with a 71% Muslim population. Robinson has been a strong opponent of Islam and his current situation could be a death sentence.

Inmates were banging on cell walls last night shouting death threats.

Protests were ignored. Tommy now fears for his safety,

Full info coming up on live show @,” Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars tweeted.

Last month, Robinson was arrested and thrown in jail for 13 months for violating a court order for filming about the grooming gang trials in London.

As reported by

Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months for breaking contempt of court laws with a Facebook Live video.

His sentence can be revealed for the first time after The Independent and Leeds Live fought a reporting restriction put on the case at Leeds Crown Court.

Robinson, whose real name was listed on court documents as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested outside the court on Friday.

He admitted committing contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice an ongoing trial via a live stream on his Facebook page.

At one point the video was being viewed by more than 10,000 people, as Robinson attempted to film defendants entering the court and discussed the case, which is subject to a separate reporting restriction.

What’s scary about this whole thing about Robinson was that he predicted the end of life two months prior to his arrest.

Update: YouTube has removed all traces of Robinson from their platform:

Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2018

john.hynes01@gmail.c 2 days ago (report)

Believe I am a 58 yer old Brit, there are more people in the UK among the working class that believe TRUMP is a saviour, however expressing that view here would be very career limiting indeed, and might even get the attention of the security establishment if you tried to promote him here. Its insane I have seen my country turn into a liberal hell hole of Political Correctness, even TV is managed, even advertisements are orchestrated to send message on what is acceptable and "normal". It started with Blair, in his first cabinet meeting it is on record he wanted to ensure there was never another conservative government (Thatcher Party) so he and his cabinet devised mass immigration from Pakistan of all places because he knew they would all vote for Labour and its open boarders and allow Islam and multiple wives. It baffles us in the UK why American like Blaire he is hated her for what he has done to the UK. This little dissertation is likely to get me in some hot water believe it or not.

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