Foolish Democrat for congress pepper sprays himself because he's a liberal

Liberal Levi Tilleman, a Democrat running for congress believes you can try to pepper spray someone shooting at you. To prove his point, he pepper sprays himself in the FACE!

We are pretty sure someone with a gun is going to stand there while you spray them, right?

Tilleman compares his policies to his Republican opponent. He wants to make sure that when people vote for him, they're voting for free stuff!

This commercial is reason 1 of 100 why no one should vote for this guy.

What's next? Tazing himself? If teachers don't want to be responsible for real bullets, why not arm staff with guns that shoot rubber bullets? A gun with rubber bullets has to be way more effective than short distance pepper spray.

If you support gun control, join the liberal squirt pepper spay in your face challenge!

Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2018

wasntme 3 days ago (report)

"What's next? Tazing himself?"

Please live stream it when he does.

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