BREAKING: Well, Well, Well, Look What Was Just Discovered!

According to a new report, Democrat 2020 hopefuls are arranging secret meetings with Barack Obama
to get his advice.

As reported by

In a posh, marble and mahogany laden office on the third floor of the World Wildlife Building in Washington DC’s West End, an area best known luxurious restaurants and lobbyist infested five-star hotels, Democratic 2020 hopefuls are seeking advice from an unlikely source, Barack Hussein Obama.

Between working for Netflix as a part of a $65 Million deal and taking paid speaking gigs around the world, Obama is “eager to be a sounding board and counselor” for Democrats seeking to run for President in 2020, according to a new

Among other topics of discussion, Obama is speaking with prominent Democrats on how to exploit the seemingly endless stream of headlines, but very little political substance, produced by the Russia Investigation.

The DNC is purging millennial voters at a faster rate than ever before, and their most popular 2020 contender, Bernie Sanders, refuses to formally join their party. Amid a damaged DNC infrastructure that is still reeling from massive losses in 2016, Democrats hope that Barack Obama can be their golden goose.

Obama has met with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Deval Patrick on several occasions in the Spring of 2018.

We can only wonder if Obama is being paid for these “meetings”.
At least we’re learning who the Democratic party intends to throw into the race in 2020.

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Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2018

JP Michigan 4 days ago (report)

It doesn't matter. Trump has it in the bag already if he wants it.

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Lorra Baccili 3 days ago (report)

This is total and utterly bullshit Obama is a terrorist and should be shot just like those supposed to be Democrats that are talking to him on how to destroy America the rest if the way ...1 out of 100 of thousands of pissed off Americans..👉🇺🇸😭

#Trump2020 or forever!

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wasntme 3 days ago (report)

The only reason obomba was POTUS was because we wasn't white.

Didn't have anything to do with his policies.

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