BREAKING: President Trump Gives A Last Minute Endorsement!

President Trump has somewhat waited to the last minute to make an endorsement, but Trump has been somewhat busy lately.

Trump turned to twitter to speak out against Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and instead endorse Katie Arrington. Trump said Sanford has not been very helpful in making America great again, and has been "nothing but trouble".

Here's what Trump said in his tweet:

The polls are closing in less than 3 hours, so it is surprising that Trump would wait this long to endorse.

But even when choosing to endorse a candidate, there are Trump's critics out there who will always take the opportunity to lower themselves to the occasion.

Earlier, President Trump also gave his endorsement for Adam Laxalt, for Governor of Nevada. The president says the candidate will work on lowering taxes, and is tough on crime. Two areas President Trump has heavily pushed in his own office.

Does President Trump's endorsements help or hurt a candidate? Everyone has their own opinions, but if I were running for office, I would especially want Trump's approval and endorsement. Especially on the heels of the meeting with Kim Jong Un, and all the other great accomplishments Trump has had during his term in office.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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