BREAKING: She Just Publicly Wished For His Death and It’s Viral Folks!

Writer an Author for “Glamour”, Meredith Clark, has just taken to social media and “hoped” for the death of Economic advisor Larry Kudlow. Kudlow suffered a heart attack on Monday and was medically evacuated to a hospital where he is currently recovering.
President Trump tweet out the news on Monday:

This is how Meredith Clark chose to respond to the news:

When Clark was called out for the tweet, she didn’t back down.

Fortunately it appears Ludlow is doing fine and will make a full recovery

As reported by
While waiting at a resort in Singapore for his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Trump tweeted that Larry Kudlow, his chief economic adviser, has suffered a heart attack back in the U.S.:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said doctors expect Kudlow will "make a full and speedy recovery."

"Earlier today National Economic Council Director and assistant to the president Larry Kudlow, experienced what his doctors say, was a very mild heart attack," Sanders said in a statement. "Larry is currently in good condition at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and his doctors expect he will make a full and speedy recovery. The president and his administration send their thoughts and prayers to Larry and his family."

Judy Kudlow, his wife, told the Washington Post's Robert Costa that her husband is "doing fine," adding that the doctors at Walter Reed National Medical Center "are fabulous." Costa reports that Kudlow is "up and talking" and had spoken on the phone with his friend, the economist Art Laffer.

A White House official also told CBS News that Kudlow suffered a mild heart attack and is doing well.

Clark’s twitter followers did not appreciate the comment and made it known:

What are your thoughts? How could she be such a hateful person? Why time and time again do liberals seem to bear such a strong irrational hatred for conservatives over politics.

Please share and comment with your thoughts.

Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lorra j Baccili 5 days ago (report)

I never even heard of meredith clark what a horrible individual, if wishes come true i wish God would stone her to death for being so nasty..what goes around comes around.

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