BREAKING: Rubio Just Hurled The Accusation!!

Senator Marco Rubio ripped the media on Tuesday over the hypocrisy in coverage of President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un.

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Tuesday charged that the news media's coverage of President Trump's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was "hypocritical."

"Presidents meeting with [Kim Jong Un] exposed incredible hypocrisy of many in media. When Obama did these things, he was described as enlightened. When Trump does it he is reckless & foolish. 1 yr ago they attacked Trump for leading us towards war, now attack for being too quick for peace," Rubio said in a tweet.

The senator went on to comment on an article from New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof that was critical of the outcome of Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un, saying Trump made "a huge concession" in exchange for "astonishingly little."

Rubio said that although he is "uncomfortable" with Trump's decision to suspend military exercises with South Korea, the U.S. can quickly react by increasing sanctions if Kim does not follow through in negotiations.

"I'm uncomfortable with suspending military exercises & if this becomes permanent in exchange for nothing you are 100% correct. However after Trump bent over backwards to be conciliatory, if [Kim Jong Un] does nothing, intl sanctions will be easier to enforce & increase," he tweeted.

What are your thoughts on Marco Rubio’s comments? Do you agree that the media is being too hypocritical?

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Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Granny 4 days ago (report)

I’d say the media and any one else who want to keep on second guessing what the President is doing is stupid. Trump has leaned one thing since he’s in office is not to tell the media anything. He tells it directly to the people when he’s ready. That goes for the swamp rats. And when he tells us we do a little research and find out he’s telling the truth. The real Americans believe him.

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Loretta Causey 4 days ago (report)

From reports, the next military exercise is not due until next spring anyway. Can be scheduled at any time. No other concessions. Thank you Mr. Rubio for supporting such a success. Just the meeting itself , release of 3 hostages and no further middle launches for several months is a huge step for safety.

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