It's no longer fantasy, look what President Moon just said about the summit

One year ago North Korea was testing Nukes and ICBM’s. President Donald Trump aggressively responded on Twitter, Democrats and the media stoked fear saying that Trump would start a nuclear war yet here we are one year later on the doorstep of peace.

South Korea's President Moon can finally sleep better tonight. He said he was unable to sleep last night anticipating the Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore.

"Probably, all the attention of our people is on Singapore. I, too, could hardly sleep last night. I join all the people in ardently aspiring for the success of the summit to bring complete denuclearization and peace to us and usher in a new era," he said.

Footage: President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, Ambassador John Bolton, and the U.S. delegation meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the DPRK delegation at the Singapore Summit.

It's been nothing but smiles since the two leaders met.

“We’re here, overcoming everything,” Kim Jong Un tells Trump. Kim says they overcame obstacles on their way forward and they are here today. “That’s true,” Trump says.

According to Kim's translator, it's almost like science fiction. "Many people in the world will think of this as a (inaudible) form of fantasy…from a science fiction movie," said the translator.

Dennis Rodman is very happy tonight. Rodman said Obama wouldn't give him the time of day after he reached out to his office hoping to talk with him about North Korea after first meeting with Kim Jong Un five years ago.

Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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