BREAKING: ESPN just hired the most Anti-Trump personality ever

Keith Olbermann, known for his infamous anti-Trump tirade has just been picked up by the Disney owned company, ESPN.


Olbermann’s first assignment under the new deal comes Monday, as he will call the Astros-Yankees game on ESPN Radio, according to ESPN’s news release. Olbermann also will co-host some editions of PTI and will make appearances on Outside the Lines.

The new pact with Olbermann will likely be dissected by some right-leaning commentators, many of whom have hammered ESPN over an alleged left-leaning bias. Olbermann has been a frequent – and forceful -- critic of President Trump and other Republicans on social media and other mediums.

Olbermann, who left ESPN for the first time in 1997, gained prominence outside sports by hosting Countdown, a political show on MSNBC and Current TV.

Olbermann had a show on ESPN2 from 2013-15.

Olbermann seems to have figured out a way to get ESPN to rehire him:

Posted Friday, May 25, 2018

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