Morgan Freeman Accused!

The #meetoo movement may get another scalp and this time it is Morgan Freeman.

Freeman who has been one of the successful actors and voice actors in Hollywood has been accused by eight women of sexual harassment. One woman claimed Freeman repeatedly tried to look up her skirt.

As reported by

Morgan Freeman is being accused of sexual harassment or misconduct by 8 women over several years on the sets of his movies ... or during media events related to his projects.

One of the allegations comes from a production assistant who worked on Freeman's movie in 2015, "Going In Style." She told CNN Morgan repeatedly tried to lift up her skirt to see if she was wearing underwear, and commented on her figure. She says costar Alan Arkin saw it happening and told Freeman to stop.

Another woman who worked on "Now You See Me" claims Freeman also made comments about her body as well as another female staffer's. She says women on set knew to cover up whenever he was around.

The #meetoo movement is notorious for finding powerful Hollywood men guilty without due process. Let’s see where this case goes.

Posted Thursday, May 24, 2018

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