Hillary Praises Women Candidates As She Campaigns Against One!

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. She really does have her own unique perspectives of the world.

Perspectives that often times come across as lies, hypocrisy, and being a sore loser. Can you imagine that she could accomplish all of those feats in just one speech? Well she did it.

As reported by washingtonexaminer.com

Hillary Clinton rallied New York Democrats Wednesday during her keynote address at the state party's nominating convention, but the former secretary of state warned they face an uphill battle as they continue to fight for liberal causes against a Republican president and a GOP-controlled Congress.

"These are difficult times for our country, but I've never been prouder to be a New Yorker or a Democrat than I am today," Clinton said at the event at Hofstra University.

"We're not going to win every fight, take it from me. But if we stand together for the values we share, we will get there together," she continued. "I know our best days as Democrats, as New Yorkers, and Americans are still ahead."

Difficult times for our country? I thought America was doing great compared to the majority of the last decade. Unemployment is as low as it can get. Wages and bonuses are up, as more and more jobs are being created. Trump is scrapping horrible deals left and right. What does Hillary think is so terrible?

She also brought up how she lost against Trump, even though she had won the first debate against him as she was speaking at Hofstra.

The icing on the Hillary cake has to be her speaking out in praise of women who are stepping up to become leaders, as she is literally there campaigning against a fellow woman and Democrat, Cynthia Nixon.

Has Hillary completely lost it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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