Grassley Makes Request That Could Change Everything In Russia Probe!

Chuck Grassley submitted a letter to Rod Rosenstein, requesting that all redactions be removed from the text message files of Strzok and Page.

Grassley made the request after reviewing less-redacted versions of the texts, and realizing that some of them had been redacted for no reason other than possible embarrassment. Grassley would also like to know why a message was redacted about the Obama White House running an investigation. An investigation that is believed to be the Russia probe.

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A top Senate Republican is challenging the Justice Department over extensive redactions made in files showing text messages between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, drew particular attention to one text that suggested the Obama “White House is running this,” in reference to an unspecified investigation.

But, like in so many of the files, a name was redacted and the context was unclear, though one report suggests that was related to the Russia probe.

In a letter sent Wednesday to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Grassley called for all redactions to be removed.

“The manner in which some redactions have been used casts doubt on whether the remaining redactions are necessary and defensible,” Grassley wrote.

He sent the letter following two sessions for committee staff to view less-redacted versions of the texts between Strzok and now-former FBI official Page. Both officials previously worked on Robert Mueller's Russia probe and ran into trouble when their anti-Trump messages were revealed.

In his letter, Grassley said that, “When viewing the still redacted portions in context with the unredacted material, it appeared that the redacted portions may contain relevant information relating to the Committee’s ongoing investigation into the matter in which the Department of Justice and FBI handled the Clinton and Russia investigations.”

As two examples of texts with unexplained redactions, he mentioned a text that had redacted the price of former deputy director Andrew McCabe's "$70,000 conference table" as well as the "text about the Obama White House ‘running’ an investigation, although it is unclear to which investigation they were referring.”

Grassley added: “I am unaware of any legitimate basis on which the cost of a conference table should be redacted. Embarrassment is not a good enough reason.”

If the request is granted, there's no telling what new information could show up. I'm sure the Democrats and Mueller will fight this one tooth and nail.

What do you think? Should the redactions be removed? Let us know in the comments.

Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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