Despite Protests, Obama Gets His Building!

Chicago's City Council approved former president Barack Obama's planned "Presidential Center" despite protests and outcry against it.

The council voted 47-1 in favor of the project, which will take public park land and cost $500 million to build.

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The planned Obama Presidential Center won almost-unanimous approval Wednesday from Chicago’s City Council, despite significant resistance and protests from opponents -- who accused the council of “rubber-stamping” the complex.

The Council voted 47-1 to approve the $500 million center in Jackson Park on the city’s South Side. Former President Barack Obama said in January that he had been “pretty hands-on” and had high hopes for it.
“Michelle and I want this center to be more than just a building,” Obama said. “We want to create an economic engine for the South Side of Chicago, a cultural attraction that showcases the South Side to the rest of the world.”

The Obama Foundation said it would support thousands of new jobs during construction and after the center opens -- claiming it will have a total economic impact of $3.1 billion in the first 10 years.

But opponents have been skeptical that the center will yield such benefits to the local community and have decried the lack of a formal agreement with residents. Others have challenged the use of local parkland for the project.

One argument against the center is why they refuse to answer the question of why public parkland must be used when other options are available. While Obama and others involved in the project claim to be transparent, they aren't living up to those claims.

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Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Granny 30 days ago (report)

Well still feeding his ego. Doesn’t care about what the people wants just what he wants. Sorta like he ran the country when he was. President. Two very selfish people.

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