BREAKING: President Trump exposed the spy that was paid a lot of money

President Trump called to attention Tuesday afternoon about the money that was secretly paid out to the Obama spy during the 2016 presidential campaign. Obama's Department of Defense paid spy Stefan Halper $282,295 in 2016, which according to President Trump "a seemingly massive amount of money was paid for services rendered."

If the person placed very early into my campaign wasn’t a SPY put there by the previous Administration for political purposes, how come such a seemingly massive amount of money was paid for services rendered - many times higher than normal...

...Follow the money! The spy was there early in the campaign and yet never reported Collusion with Russia, because there was no Collusion. He was only there to spy for political reasons and to help Crooked Hillary win - just like they did to Bernie Sanders, who got duped!


Public records show Stefan Halper, the foreign policy expert “outed,” as an FBI informant that spied on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was paid a large sum in 2016 for work he did for the Obama administration.

The Department of Defense paid Halper $282,295 on September 27, 2016 — just months before the 2016 presidential election — for work titled, “INDIA AND CHINA ECON STUDY,” says, a website that tracks spending data for the U.S. government. This sum was one of two payments made to Halper for the job; the second, worth $129,280, was made on July 26, 2017. The record lists Halper’s “Period of Performance” as September 26, 2016 to March 29, 2018. shows the Department of Defense paid Halper a total of $1,058,161 for work between 2012-2018. The work designated for “India-China” study comprised nearly 40 percent of that compensation.

According to reports, Halper made friends with Trump associates and was looking for ways to infiltrate the administration after Trump unexpectedly won. Halper was recommended by White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, according to Axios.

If this is true, the new Democrat moto should be "we will achieve our nefarious goals by any means necessary."

Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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