Boom! Get ready for the indictments!

The Department of Justice inspector general report on the Clinton email case is expected to hit FBI leaders for sitting on emails in 2016. Jim Jordan and other Republicans in the house said: “We’re anxiously waiting on the Report.” It's now on its way to Congress!


The IG report, which is examining a broad range of FBI actions during the email investigation, is expected to criticize officials, including Comey, for not moving fast enough to examine the email trove and for a weekslong delay in getting a warrant, sources told the AP.

Clinton supporters say the candidate's name could have been cleared much faster if the FBI acted on the emails as soon as they knew about them. But Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, a Republican, also pressed the DOJ earlier this year for answers on that timeline.

There are suspicions about whether there was an effort to delay pursuing those Clinton files. The Washington Post first reported in January that Horowitz was investigating whether McCabe wanted to avoid taking action on the laptop findings until after the presidential election.

We’re ready for some Indictments! Are you?

Posted Monday, May 21, 2018

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