Campaign For Maxine Waters' Pays Daughter $100,000!

Maxine Waters' daughter seems to have found a very lucrative position withim her mother's campaign.

The younger Waters is being paid $100,000 by her mother's campaign for mailing out flyers.

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Rep. Maxine Waters' campaign committee has paid the California Democrat's daughter nearly $50,000 this election cycle, with an additional $65,000 forthcoming, campaign finance documents show.

Disclosures with the Federal Election Commission show Karen Waters received $42,862 from Citizens for Waters through a series of nine payments made between May 2017 and January 2018. The most recent payment, of $5,000, was made Jan. 19, according to FEC filings.

The payments to the younger Waters were described as a “slate mailer management fee.”

Additional filings with the FEC show Citizens for Waters will pay Karen an additional $65,000 this election cycle for “professional services” related to the mailer.

I'm sure that's all on the up and up, and each and every penny was earned. Maxine Waters has been an extremely outspoken critic of President Trump, often calling for his impeachment.

What do you think? Should Waters' daughter be getting paid that much? Let us know in the comments.

Posted Monday, May 21, 2018

JP Michigan 27 days ago (report)

Again........more of the stinky swamp

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lilmoya47 25 days ago (report)

If no laws are being broken then it's their business, of course if I was donating to her I would be pretty upset that she using the money to pay her daughter such a large amount, but then again there is no way I would donate to her to start with

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