Fox News Makes Historic Move!

Fox News has hired a new CEO.

Suzanne Scott was named as the first ever female CEO for Fox News.

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Fox News named Suzanne Scott as its new CEO on Thursday, marking the first time a woman has led the cable news network. Scott, who as president of programming oversaw the opinion side of Fox’s lineup, will also run Fox Business Network.

Scott’s appointment comes after a string of sexual harassment complaints cost the network its founding chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes, and its most visible personality, Bill O’Reilly. It also marks a potential victory for the network’s opinion hosts, who dominate cable ratings at night with their largely pro-Trump views, but who have clashed at times with the network’s news side.

The move was announced by Lachlan Murdoch, who one day earlier was named as chairman and CEO of the new Fox company that will emerge, should Disney’s deal for several major 21st Century Fox assets go through. Rupert Murdoch, his father, will serve as co-chairman of the new company. Scott will report directly to both Murdochs.

Jay Wallace, who had been executive vice president of news and editorial, will effectively serve as Scott’s number two, with the title of president of Fox News and executive editor.

This is a huge move for Fox News. Scott was previously oversaw opinion programming for the top-rated network. This should help improve the image of the network a great deal, after facing several accusations of sexual misconduct towards women this past year.

Scott has been with the network since its launch, 22 years ago.

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Posted Monday, May 21, 2018

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