BREAKING: The Deep State Is Begging For Congress’ Help!

Reality just hit the “Deep State” and they are now begging for help.

Prominent deep state figure and former CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday asked GOP leaders for help against President Trump for the sake of “democracy.”

“Senator McConnell & Speaker Ryan: If Mr. Trump continues along this disastrous path, you will bear major responsibility for the harm done to our democracy. You do a great disservice to our Nation & the Republican Party if you continue to enable Mr. Trump’s self-serving actions,” Brennan tweeted in response to President Trump’s demand for an investigation into spying of his campaign.

President Trump demanded the DOJ look into the spying matter and if Obama had ordered it.

According to Axios, the Inspector General will meet President Trump’s demand.

Is this truly the end of the deep state?

Posted Monday, May 21, 2018

Jonathan 26 days ago (report)

The rats are cornered and are shaking in their boots. they never expected that a real human would be elected and their sins would be found out,,,,,,"GO GETT'EM MR. TRUMP"

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