BREAKING: Congress Has Just Blocked Trump’s Plan Again!!

Republicans in both chambers of Congress are now holding back President Trump’s plan to cut more than $15 billion in spending.

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President Trump's plan to claw back more than $15 billion in spending is on life support on Capitol Hill.

GOP leaders insist they are open to Trump's proposal, which comes after Republicans faced a backlash for passing a mammoth, $1.3 trillion spending omnibus that shredded federal budget caps.

But despite the GOP's broad desire to cut spending, it increasingly appears unlikely that the legislation will reach Trump's desk, with Republicans in both chambers expressing opposition.

House moderates are worried, their colleagues say, that Democrats could weaponize the package against them in the midterm elections - an election where many of them are already facing steep headwinds.

"I could see some competitive seaters saying, 'Why, why?'" said Rep. Ryan Costello (R-Pa.). "The messaging, you just give to the Democrats and say, 'Here, hammer us with this,' because it's an idiosyncratic accounting issue."

The main political issue is that nearly half the funds that Trump wants rescinded - $7 billion of the $15.4 billion total - come from two accounts in the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The administration, backed up by an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office, says the rescissions would not impact CHIP spending over the next decade.

Unfortunately the biggest obstacle to President Trump’s goals within his Presidency has been the GOP.
No Republican President has faced this type of obstruction from his own party. It is on an unprecedented level.

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Posted Sunday, May 20, 2018

Robert Cox. 28 days ago (report)

They defined republicanism during their campaigns and the people endorsed them.... now they want to pander to the demos and ditch the responsible spending character that is supposed to define them? One of their main concerns was that Trump wasn't a real republican... well????

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Granny 28 days ago (report)

You republicans are stupid, of course the one is from Pa. not only do we have to put up with Wolfe and Casey now we have the stupid republicans doing the same shit we want taken care of. Cut welfare, cut giving everything to the illegals, get rid of Obamacare. Stop giving Medicaid too illlegals and talking it from the senior citizens. I was a democrat for 50 years and I voted for a Trump and was just going to change my party affiliations and you stupid republicans are going to become idiots. President Trump can you run on another party so I can vote for you again.

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Jeri Kittrell 27 days ago (report)

If Congress keeps this up ,they will lose seats.

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