BREAKING: Samuel L. Jackson Just Destroyed The Left’s Narrative!!

Finally a Hollywood celebrity has just refuted the leftist narrative that guns are the problem in America. Actor Samuel L. Jackson just brought some common sense to the field.

With the recent high school shootings the narrative has reached a peak.

Liberal Mascott Jimmy Kimmel immediately fired off after the shooting

As reported by
ABC talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel called for Americans to vote out politicians who don't take action on gun laws after the deadly mass shooting at a Texas school on Friday.

"President Trump said that he is with the people of Santa Fe in this tragic moment and that he will be with them forever, except when it's time to do something and then he will not be with them," Kimmel said on his show Friday.

"Neither will any of the congresspeople or governors that won't ever do anything because they fear it will hurt them politically," he continued.

The late-night host said lawmakers are "too cowardly" to take action because "they care more about the support of the [National Rifle Association] than they do about children.

Who do you agree with on this one? Jimmy Kimmel or Samuel L. Jackson? Please share and comment with your thoughts.

Posted Saturday, May 19, 2018

thedoubleneedle@yaho 28 days ago (report)

Jim Jimmy There is a lawyer your not supposed to take guns to school. Guns ain't the problem mister talk show host. The problem is the people that are using the guns. Everybody knows you want your Democrats back in office.

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Granny 26 days ago (report)

How about we vote out everyone that’s for abortions, that killing children also. If there was respect for life we wouldn’t have these killing by children.

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