Hannity Believes He Has A Solution To Gun Violence!

Sean Hannity believes he has a solution that could help prevent tragic school shootings from happening.

Hannity suggests that each school district should hire people to monitor student's social media. It seems that mot students committing these acts leave a trail of evidence behind on social media.

As reported by washingtonexaminer.com

Fox News host Sean Hannity suggested that school districts should hire at least one person to monitor “every kid’s social media postings,” following the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday.

“It’s not a gun issue. Every time it happens, the worse — it’s always a different gun,” Hannity said during "The Sean Hannity Show" on the radio. Hannity also said mentally ill people should not have guns.

“Criminals don’t obey the laws by their very nature,” Hannity said. “We also have to have, every school district needs to have some person that monitors every kid’s social media postings. Maybe they need two people. This is a reality now that they’re telegraphing what they’re going to do. Terrorists do it. These school shooters do it.”

This seems like an easy enough option that is unfortunately needed. Students could of course just create accounts under other names or set their profiles to private. However, anything is worth a try at this point. Something has to be done to prevent these tragedies from occurring.

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Posted Saturday, May 19, 2018

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