BREAKING: GOP Lawmakers Just Sent a Plea To President Trump and It’s Bad!!

Republican Lawmakers are pleading with President Trump to stop bashing Congress over their inability to get anything done.

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Trump loves to tout results and bash lawmakers when they do not move fast enough on his priorities.

Trump warned Senate Republicans through Twitter a week ago that they should get the annual spending bills passed before the August recess, a high bar for a chamber that didn't pass any regular appropriations bills in 2017.

He also slammed the Senate's pace on approving nominees as "the worst in history."

A few days before that, he dinged Congress for a lack of progress on immigration reform.

"We are going to demand Congress secure the border in the upcoming CR," he tweeted, referring to a continuing resolution that would provide government funding. "Congress must act now to change our weak and ineffective immigration laws."

So Trump is calling out congress on how much they suck and they are obviously getting upset over it. They really don’t have to worry about tarnishing their reputation though, most Americans already realize how wasteful and incompetent Congress is.

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Posted Saturday, May 19, 2018

Anonymous e42a7d 29 days ago (report)

Hold Congress’ feet to the fire and make them get things done! Some members are lazy, some are shiftless, some are crooks, and some are just too political to do anything against their party leadership no matter how ineffective they are! Shape up congress! Get your heads out of your armpits, stop playing politics, and do something right for the country for a change!!!!

    Louise southerland 29 days ago (report)

    Amen and Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

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JVAN 29 days ago (report)

STAY ON THEM LIKE A BAD SMELL!!!!! Hear that sucking sound.........the swamp is draining!

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thedoubleneedle@yaho 29 days ago (report)

Well get something done then. What's the matter old-timers' you can't keep up with our president.

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A Republican 29 days ago (report)

Congress is a waste of time and money.. they are a do nothing organization and have been for many many years.. Trump needs to stay on top of them and embarrass them. He was s not hurting congress.. congress is hurting congress.. work ethic stinks.

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