Judge Throws Out Case Against Fox!

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that was filed by a former host against the network.

The case was brought by Andrea Tantaros who claimed the network illegally spied on her and harassed her online.

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A federal judge in New York has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a former Fox News host who accused the network of illegal electronic surveillance and online harassment.
In the Friday ruling, Judge George Daniels said the case brought by Andrea Tantaros "failed to plausibly allege facts tying any of the defendants to the conduct she claims caused her injury."

A spokesperson for Fox News told CNN "the decision speaks for itself."

Tantaros represented herself in the case and could not immediately be reached for comment.

The suit alleges that Tantaros' former bosses at Fox News hacked into her work computer and cell phone, using personal information to harass her on social media and get her suspended from Fox News in a smear campaign. She also claimed that she was retaliated against after lodging complaints of sexual harassment against Fox News executives.

The lawsuit claims the abuse went on since 2015. According to the judge, Tantaros did not provide:

"sufficient, non-conclusory facts showing that Defendants violated either the Wiretap Act or the [Stored Communications Act], much less that they did so with the intent to cause Plaintiff 'severe emotional distress."

Tantaros had previously sued the network back in 2016, with claims of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes.

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Posted Saturday, May 19, 2018

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