No More Reprieves! Sessions Put An End To It!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions put an end to a loop hole that gave illegal aliens a reprieve.

A practice allowed immigration judges to clear low-priority cases from their dockets, which meant illegals could stay here with going through the legal process of being here.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday barred immigration judges from a once-common practice of shelving deportation cases involving some immigrants with deep ties to the United States.

The practice known as administrative closure allowed judges to clear low-priority cases off their dockets, effectively letting some immigrants remain indefinitely in the United States despite their lack of legal status.

Under President Barack Obama there had been an effort to administratively close certain cases as a way of allowing judges to focus on higher-priority matters and reduce the immigration court backlog. More than 200,000 cases were closed during the last six years of his presidency.

The closures were routinely used for people without criminal backgrounds who had lived for many years in the United States, often with U.S. citizen children or spouses. In many cases, the immigrants became eligible for work permits.

The administration of President Donald Trump has taken a sharply different tack on immigration, declaring that all those in the country illegally, whether or not they pose a threat to public safety, are subject to deportation.

One thing that should be made clear, while the cases being talked about were considered low-priority, and the people weren't considered a threat, they were still here illegally. Thus, making them criminals. President Trump believes in the law, and that the law should be enforced. This has nothing to do with ripping families apart or ruining lives.

It should also be noted that a lot of the people that are here just looking for work and to better their lives and the lives of their children, are also used by criminals as a way to enter the country, and stay off the radar.

Regardless, if an American broke the law of another country, despite if they felt it was unjust, they will still be held accountable without question. There's no reason for the U.S. to be any different.

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Posted Friday, May 18, 2018

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