Mueller Goes After Another One!

Mueller has set his sights on his next target, a social media expert tied to Trump.

Mueller issued subpoenas to Jason Sullivan, a social media and Twitter specialist, that was hired by Roger Stone to assist with the Trump campaign.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller has issued a pair of subpoenas to a social media and Twitter specialist who worked for a group set up by Roger Stone, an informal adviser to President Trump, according to a report.

Lawyers representing Jason Sullivan, the social media expert hired by Stone, received the two subpoenas last week, Knut Johnson, one of Sullivan’s attorneys, told Reuters. One subpoena compels Sullivan to appear before a grand jury on May 18 in D.C. and the other requests documents.

Stone reportedly hired Sullivan to work during the 2016 presidential campaign for a political action committee he started to back Trump.

Mueller, who took over the Russia probe roughly one year ago, has been looking into whether anyone tied to the Trump campaign may have worked with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or Russian officials to time the release of emails hacked from Democratic officials, sources told Reuters.

The U.S. believes the Russian government hacked and leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee and other Democratic officials.

Reuters reported the subpoenas could signal that Mueller is examining whether Stone played a role in or had knowledge of the documents hacked by Russia and given to WikiLeaks.

As the investigation continues, Mueller seems to be getting more and more desperate. At this point it seems more like grasping at straws than calling on witnesses. If Mueller is targeting Roger Stone at this point in the investigation, what evidence has turned up to cause this? Does he have any reason to other than Stone talked to Trump during his campaign? It's also suspicious that WikiLeaks and Assange are being thrown in the mix at a time when Assange is being kept from speaking to the media. One thing Assange was adamant about in the release of the DNC emails by WikiLeaks was that the source of the leaks was not Russia.

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Posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018

maham 10 days ago (report)

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