BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Answered the Question!!

House Speaker Paul Ryan has answered the viral question that is making its way around social media. The question is regarding an audio clip that went viral on Tuesday and listeners have debated whether they heard “Yanny” of “Laurel” in the clip.

As reported by
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday weighed in on a viral debate over an audio clip on social media.

Politico's Jake Sherman tweeted just before noon that Ryan had remarked that he heard "Laurel" in the audio clip, which went viral Tuesday night on Twitter. The clip divided users, some of whom agree with Ryan and others who insist the robotic voice says "Yanny."

Ryan's stance on the debate puts him on the same side as Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy (R), who was asked about the audio clip on CNN's "New Day" earlier in the morning.

"I hear Laurel," Kennedy said. He then jokingly asked "Can I reconsider?" when he heard that CNN host Chris Cuomo heard the same thing. The Louisiana senator added that he thinks it is "creepy" that some people hear a different name in the audio clip.

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Posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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