Former Obama Cabinet Member Wants to Challenge Trump!

A former Obama cabinet member wants to challenge President Trump in the 2020 election.

Julian Castro will make his final decision on running for president by the end of the year. Castro served as Housing Secretary under Obama.

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Add former Obama-era Housing Secretary Julian Castro to the growing list of 25-50 Democrats readying a 2020 Democratic presidential nomination bid.

The Texan twin of Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro said he will decide by the end of the year, along with several others including former Attorney General Eric Holder.

“After November and before the end of the year I will make a decision about my own future,” he said on C-SPAN this morning. “I’m going to think about it,” he added, using the same kind of language many other likely candidates are mouthing.

Castro, who is helping “young progressive Democrats” in the 2018 midterm elections, said that President Trump is taking the nation in “the wrong direction,” and stressed that he would map out a less forceful foreign policy.

He called it “soft power,” and said that it would not be based “necessarily” on military power.

"Soft power" foreign policy sounds exactly like a tactic his former mentor, Barack Obama, would use. The type of plan that got us into all of these horrible deals and situations that President Trump is getting the United States out of. Democrats don't seem to understand why Trump won in the first place. Americans were tired of the failing policies of Obama. They were tired of just keeping their heads above water. They wanted something different, because Obama's plan was not working. But for some reason, Democrats keep trying to force more Obama clones out there, thinking they will somehow win. Good luck with that.

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Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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