BREAKING: A “Red Tide” Incoming To California!!

Some Pundits are now predicting that the California Gas Tax being pushed by the democrats may result in a “Red Tide” swing to Republican candidates.

As reported by
A voter referendum on the November ballot to repeal a state gasoline tax in California could lead to a wave of wins for Republican candidates due to the soaring prices in the state.

The referendum has helped California Republican Rep. Mimi Walters raise millions of dollars for her campaign. The referendum, would reportedly lower the price of gasoline in the state to $2 per gallon by 2021, Politico reported.

Walters and Republican candidate Young Kim, who is running for retiring Rep. Ed Royce’s seat, brought several boxes filled with 82,410 signatures into the Orange County Registrar’s office in early May, to repeal the gas tax. Republicans have now collected over 1 million signatures, even though only 365,880 were needed to put it on the November ballot.

“This is a big day for us,” Walters said after she turned in the ballots. “I talk to constituents in my district, and every time they go to the pump, it’s more and more money, and it’s becoming outrageous.”

Let’s be honest though. We are talking the liberal capitol of the world, Sunny California. The real chances of a Republican swing are pretty slim. But let’s all keep fingers crossed.

The race for governor however seems to be intensifying with the two front runners Democrat Gavin Newsom and Republican Travis Allen.
Watch this exchange between them in the most recent California debate:

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Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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