There It Is Folks! Nunes Just Dropped the Bombshell Claim!

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has now claimed that their was no official intelligence used to start the Trump Russia investigation.

As reported by
Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has claimed that “no official intelligence” was used to launch the investigation into possible collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. In making his assertion, which he said was based on a review of “electronic communication” from the FBI and the Justice Department, Nunes is returning to a theme that prompted the release of a controversial memo in February.

While the memo, the release of which was authorized by President Trump much to the dismay of Democrats, was trumpeted by Nunes and other pro-Trump Republicans, it undercut their assertion that a controversial dossier by Christopher Steele was the basis for the investigation. Instead, the memo detailed that it was overtures made by Russian operatives toward Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos that sparked the investigation.

“We now know that there was no official intelligence that was used to start this investigation,” he told Fox News on Sunday. “We know that Sidney Blumenthal and others were pushing information into the State Department. So we’re trying to piece all that together and that’s why we continue to look at the State Department.”

This is big news which we’ve all already speculated on. If that is the official findings however, then the entire investigation was an illegal action.

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Posted Monday, April 23, 2018

Seb 29 days ago (report)

When will obama go to Prison for Treason ?

FOUR (4) Simple questions from an attorney..........

Here are 4 Simple questions from an attorney..... are there ANY logical answers?

You be the judge……

Here's what I would like to know. If the TRUTH ever comes out and it is decided that Obama was never eligible to be president, what happens to all the laws he signed into being and all the executive orders?

Should they all be null and void?

Here are 4 Simple questions from a reputable attorney..... this should really get your "gray matter" to churning, even if you are an Obama fan.

For all you "anti-Fox News" folks, none of this information came from Fox. All of it can be verified from legitimate sources (Wikipedia, the Kapiolani hospital website itself, and a good history book, as noted herein). It is very easy for someone to check out.

4 Simple Questions......

1. Back in 1961 people of color were called 'Negroes’. So how can the Obama 'birth certificate' state he is "African-American" when the term wasn't even used at that time ?

2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961 and Lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, Right? At the time of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in "Kenya, East Africa".

This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his father's birth. How could Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet Exist?

Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the "British East Africa Protectorate". (check it below)

3. On the Birth Certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is "Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital".

This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called "KauiKeolani Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity Home", respectively.

The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

Why hasn't this been discussed in the major media?


4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama's book on his father. He states how proud he is of his father fighting in WW II. I'm not a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama's "birth certificate" says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born. That should have put his father's date of birth approximately 1936 - if my math holds (Honest! I did that without a calculator!) Now we need a non-revised history book-one that hasn't been altered to satisfy the author's goals-to verify that WW II was basically between 1939 and 1945. Just how many 3 year olds fight in Wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn't have been more than 9 years old. Does that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the facts to satisfy his imagination or political purposes ?

Very truly yours,


Attorney at Law

354 Eisenhower Parkway

Livingston, NJ 07039

( ichard-silverlieb-3145502a)

"A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens.

Send this to as many Patriots as you can! Ask your Republican friends in Washington D.C. If they have a backbone......

Why in the hell can't they use it and get media coverage to explode this across our country? Impeachment in itself is not justice!

We are talking orange jumpsuit & long prison sentences.

"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." – Plato

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Wendy 29 days ago (report)

So stop Mueller in his tracks of deception!! Free Flynn and everyone else that got caught up in this charade!!

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