He’s Not Ruling It Out!

Joe Biden says he is not ruling out a 2020 presidential bid.

From Politico:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not ruling out a White House run in 2020, telling MSNBC host Al Sharpton that all options remain open.

"I’m really hoping that some other folks step up. I think we have some really good people," Biden said of the potential other 2020 Democratic hopefuls in an interview that aired Sunday.

The former vice president and two-time presidential aspirant (1988 and 2008) said he needs to know that whoever carries the Democratic Party's nomination is someone who can beat President Donald Trump.

In response to a Sharpton question — “What would make Joe Biden really consider running in 2020 for president?" — Biden said former President Barack Obama gave some good advice.

"I know Barack always asked me that question. And he said what’s going to make the decision," Biden said. "I‘ve got to be able to look in the mirror, and, if I walk away, know I'm not walking away because I’m afraid or I’m worried about losing or that I just don’t want to take on the responsibility."

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Posted Monday, April 16, 2018

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