BREAKING: Democrats Have Received Their Rebuttal Memo!

House Intelligence Committee Democrats have received their rebuttal memo on the FISA court process.

Posted Saturday, February 24, 2018

This was also posted about 34 days ago.

Former FBI Assistant Director Exposes the Truth About FISA Memo!

Former FBI assistant director, James Kallstrom, talks about the FISA memo, and how situations like that never happened during his time with the FBI. Kallstrom went on to call it "pathetic" and a "sham".

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This was also posted about 35 days ago.

Obama Administration Spokesperson Has Been Exposed Lying About The FISA Warrant!

The Gateway Pundit's Josh Caplan has exposed Ex-Obama State Department spokesperson Marie Harf lying about how the FISA warrant against then-candidate Donald Trump was obtained.

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