Former President Reveals Billy Graham Helped Him Overcome Addiction

Former President George W. Bush reveals the late Rev. Billy Graham helped him overcome alcohol abuse in the 1980s.

From The Hill: Former President George W. Bush recalled in an op-ed on Friday how the late Rev. Billy Graham helped him quit drinking in the 1980s.

"God’s work within me began in earnest with Billy’s outreach," Bush wrote in the Wall Street Journal. "His care and his teachings were the real beginning of my faith walk – and the start of the end of my drinking. I couldn’t have given up alcohol on my own."

"But in 1986, at 40, I finally found the strength to quit," he continued. "That strength came from love I had felt from my earliest days and from faith I didn’t fully discover until my later years."

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Posted Saturday, February 24, 2018

This was also posted about 26 days ago.

BREAKING: President Trump Just Made a Statement on Reverend Billy Graham’s Death!

News broke that Reverend Billy Graham had died on Wednesday morning. President Trump took to twitter to make a statement.

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