Insiders Unload On Megyn Kelly - Refer To Her As "Loose Cannon" At NBC!

NBC's Megyn Kelly is allegedly a "loose cannon" and "tarnishing" the NBC brand, according to a former colleague.

From Page Six:

Megyn Kelly has fashioned herself as a champion of the #MeToo movement, filling her NBC talk show, “Megyn Kelly Today,” with brave women fighting injustice.

But a former colleague says it’s all an act.

“She’s disrespectful,” Iren Halperin, a Fox News makeup artist for 20 years who retired in 2016, told Page Six. “She’s not for women. She’s extremely mean and rude to women.”

Halperin worked with Kelly in 2009, when the latter co-anchored “America’s Newsroom With Bill Hemmer.” Halperin said that Kelly always got her makeup done at 8 a.m., but showed up 30 minutes early one day and tried to kick a female reporter out of the makeup chair.

“I told her, ‘Please have a seat in the greenroom or start your hair first,’ ” Halperin said.

“And she said, ‘No. I want to get done and want to get done now.’ Megyn snapped her finger and pointed at the reporter and said, ‘You, get out of the chair.’ ”

Eventually, Kelly got her way.

“The next day my boss called me. Megyn went and lied to management and said, ‘[Iren] can’t come in on time because she has child-care issues,’” said Halperin, a mother of three, who started work an hour before Kelly’s scheduled makeup sessions.

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Posted Saturday, February 24, 2018

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BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Goes Anti-Gun!

NBC's Megyn Kelly has gone anti-gun, stating that the "NRA is too powerful" and politicians are "too weak". From Breitbart: Thursday on NBC’s “Today,” host Megyn Kelly offered her thoughts in a monologue about gun control and mental illness on the heels of the Parkland, FL school shooting. Partial transcript as follows: There have been at least 12 — at least 12 — school shootings in America so far in 2018. It’s February 15. We’re averaging one just about every three or four days. How we doing, America? Everyone okay with that? Apparently the answer is in fact yes because we haven’t done virtually anything to stop it. We haven’t done virtually anything. We all know what is about to happen right now, don’t we? We’re going to say how sorry and shocked and sad we are, and then we’re going to move on without doing anything. And then we’ll express how sorry and shocked and sad we are at the next one, and the one after that. Does anyone really think that we are going to do anything about these mass murders? I don’t. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe in a single one of these politicians. I don’t believe any of them have the courage it takes to push through reform. Why? Because history. And let’s face it, let’s face it. It’s not all on them because we the people, who hire and fire these politicians so if we don’t get serious, neither will they. Five years ago I was live on the air and pregnant with my third child when 20 first graders were shot to death in school in Newtown, Connecticut. That was the one. That was the one where we all thought now we will do something. Now we have to change. But we didn’t. In fact, since Newtown, there have been nearly 300 school shootings in America, about one a week. If 20 dead first graders don’t spur people to action, what will? Yes, there was an act signed into law by President Obama just about 15 months ago targeting mental health reforms. It pushes for early intervention for kids showing signs of mental illness, but guess what, it hasn’t been funded by Congress. It’s a beautiful piece of paper. I’m sure it’s a great comfort to the folks in Florida today. Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

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The Trump Curse Keeps On Hitting! Look What's Happening To Megyn Kelly!

From her failing Sunday Night show on NBC to her plummeting ratings on her morning show, Megyn Kelly can't seem to shake the so called "Trump-curse" that looms over many of those who dare to attack POTUS. Now with her feud with Jane Fonda, celebrities are reconsidering their appearances on Megyn Kelly Today. From Megyn Kelly's feud with Jane Fonda could make it harder to book guests for her morning show, a new report has claimed. Multiple talent representatives told the Hollywood Reporter for a report on Wednesday that Kelly's remarks ripping into Fonda earlier this week are making stars nervous about appearing on the show. 'Actors don't trust her,' one rep told the publication. Director Judd Apatow is scheduled to appear on Megyn Kelly Today on Friday morning, along with folk rock band The Avett Brothers and double-leg amputee dancer Eric Graise. Representative from NBC did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment from Read more @ (Link:

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NBC Is "Appalled" At Megyn Kelly!

NBC is allegedly "appalled" that Megyn Kelly is trying to book Catt Sadler. From Page Six: Megyn Kelly is at war with executives from her own network, Page Six has learned. We’re told that bosses at NBC are “appalled” because Kelly is trying to book Catt Sadler on the “Today” show to talk about the now-famous pay dispute that caused Sadler to suddenly quit “E! News.” The problem? NBC’s parent company NBCUniversal also owns Sadler’s former employer, the E! Network. “They are appalled [Kelly] would use their own airtime to criticize the company,” said an insider. “It was bad enough when Debra Messing [who stars on NBC’s “Will & Grace”] weighed in on [Sadler’s grievance] on the Golden Globes red carpet on NBC. Now Megyn is going to put Catt front and center — on NBC! Yikes.” As Page Six first reported, Sadler dramatically quit E! in December after more than 10 years with the network. She soon after revealed that her reason for leaving was that she discovered that her “E! News” co-host Jason Kennedy was making nearly twice her salary. It has since become a high-profile public battle, with E! boss Frances Berwick saying on Tuesday at a Television Critics Association event in LA that “Kennedy and Catt Sadler had different roles, and therefore different salaries,” which Sadler then denied in a statement. Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!



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