North Korea Defector Claims Olympic Cheer Squad Were Slaves!

According to a woman who defected North Korea, the cheerleading squad from North Korea that the media fell in love with during the Winter Olympics were actually sex slaves.
The group of young women were forced to provide sexual services for high ranking dignitaries while at the Olympics. reports: Members of the North Korean national cheerleading squad — who have been featured gleefully rooting at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics — are systematically forced to have sex with high-ranking members of Kim Jong Un’s twisted regime, according to a disturbing report.

Behind the scenes, the troupe — dubbed the “Pleasure Squad” by insiders — are forced to perform sex acts on party leaders during their trip to the Olympics, a defector with knowledge of the sexual slavery told Bloomberg News.

“[The] troupe came here and performed with dances and songs, and it might seem like a fancy show on the outside [but] they also have to go to parties and provide sexual services,” said defector Lee So Yeon, a military musician who fled the country in 2008, during Kim Jong Un’s regime.

“They go to the central Politburo party’s events, and have to sleep with the people there, even if they don’t want it,” said Yeon, 42.

She added, “Those sorts of human-rights infringements take place, where women have to follow what they are told to do with their bodies.”

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Posted Saturday, February 24, 2018

This was also posted about 24 days ago.

Dems Trying to Use North Korea Sanctions Against Trump!

Oh the Democrats. Their latest weapon in their bag of tricks to use against Trump is the North Korea sanctions. The same sanctions they agree with using. Now they are saying that we should be negotiating with North Korea, and getting tougher with Russia, placing harsher sanctions on them instead. Their reasoning is because Russia attacked our democracy by trying to interfere with out elections. That interference was in the form of some email phishing scams, and promoting politically driven memes on Facebook. I guess the Democrats think that's more dangerous to us than a crazy dictator threatening us with nuclear weapons. reports: President Trump’s latest effort to pressure North Korea into abandoning its nuclear weapons program is drawing Democratic criticism, even from proponents of the sanctions pressure. Lawmakers in both parties favor using sanctions to increase pressure on North Korea, a strategy that Congress reinforced by passing new sanctions legislation last year. But the North Korea crisis is happening in parallel with the controversy over Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Democrats have urged Trump to negotiate more willingly with North Korea and sanction Russia more aggressively, and they reiterated both points Friday. “Trumpeting more sanctions as a get-tough tactic against North Korea makes it even stranger that this White House refuses to use sanctions against Russia in response to an attack on our democracy,” New York Rep. Eliot Engel, the top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, said Friday. more @ (Link: Please share and comment.

This was also posted about 24 days ago.

Look What Could Happen if They Try to Confiscate Guns!

Retired Staff Sergeant Johnny Jones joins Tucker Carlson to talk about the gun debate. Jones points out the problem with a ban on assault rifles that many are not considering. Jones brings it to attention that if you try to confiscate guns, it will end up causing more violent acts to erupt.

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