The following companies have severed their ties with Americans who support the 2nd Amendment

The following companies stand against constitutional rights and should be boycotted. Below are companies that have severed their ties with the NRA.

- Symantec
- LifeLock

- Hertz
- Avis
- Budget
- North American and Allied Van Lines
- MetLife
- SimpliSafe
- First National Bank of Omaha
- Enterprise Holdings
- Wyndham Hotels

Posted Saturday, February 24, 2018

This was also posted about 22 days ago.

BREAKING: The List of Companies Cutting Ties With The NRA Has Been Revealed!

Lifelock, Enterprise, Alamo, National, Norton and The First National Bank of Omaha have caved to the crazy leftists and removed their services for the NRA and it’s members.

This was also posted about 22 days ago.

These Are the Companies Who Have Ended Their Relationship With the NRA in the Past 24 Hours!

Following the tragic events of the Florida School shooting last week and increased pressure from leftists a number of companies have abruptly ended their relationship with the National Rifle Association (NRA)

These companies however may have miscalculated the number of NRA memebers and 2nd Ammendment advocates who will be displeased by the change their stances. Will you be boycotting? What do you think? Please share and comment

This was also posted about 22 days ago.

Army Vet Demolishes Liberal Logic On Boycotting The NRA

Has the world gone mad? Multiple companies have ended their relationship and discounts with the NRA. The First National Bank Of Omaha, Enterprise Rental Car, MetLife and along with several other companies have announced that they will no longer provide a service to the NRA or its members.

Are liberals that crazy to where they are willing to give up their 2nd amendment? A level headed army veteran R. Wolfe called out the liberal hypocrisy and tweeted, “Hey liberals, Sorry to break it to you, but in order for you to #BoycottNRA you actually have to have been a member of it. I have a better idea... If you want to save lives, why don’t you Boycott Planned Parenthood and take a break from killing babies?”



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