Anti-Pence Figure Skater Has A Change Of Heart

Drama queen figure skater Adam Rippon who reportedly declined a chance to meet with Vice President Pence has decided he will now be willing to accept a phone call from the vice president.


Figure skater Adam Rippon said Friday he would now take a phone call from Vice President Mike Pence after reportedly turning down a conversation with him over his stance on gay rights.

Rippon, 28, and U.S. skier Gus Kenworthy, 26, are the first two openly gay Winter Olympic athletes representing Team USA.

"I was offered a phone call with the vice president that I decided not to take before the games," Rippon said on NBC's "Today" show on Friday morning. "I didn't take the phone call because I needed to focus on the competition."

Asked if he would now accept a call from Pence, Rippon replied, "totally," though he didn't provide an explanation for the change of heart. The Olympics are ending this weekend, and he told USA Today recently that he would consider meeting with Pence after the Games.

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Posted Friday, February 23, 2018



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