MSNBC Thinks Handgun Bullets Are Too Slow To Stop A School Shooter

MSNBC continues their push against gun rights, claiming a teacher with a handgun will not be able to stop a shooter with an AR-15 because the rifles shoot "three times faster".

While the rounds do travel faster, the difference in speed is negligible.

From Daily Caller: MSNBC anchors are claiming that teachers armed with handguns would be unable to stop a school shooter because rifles shoot “three times faster.”

Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell said on his show Thursday night that “a bullet fired from an AR-15 travels 3x faster than one from a handgun…and yet the president and the NRA think giving teachers guns will stop a school shooter.”

Stephanie Ruhle similarly asked, “How does the best marksman in the world with a handgun take down a shooter with an AR-15 (bullets travel 3x faster).”

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Posted Friday, February 23, 2018



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