BREAKING: Governor raises gun buying age

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is raising the state's gun buying age to 21.

The governor also disagrees with President Trump about arming teachers with guns to prevent school massacres.

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"I disagree with arming teachers," Scott said. "My focus is on bringing in law enforcement. I think you need to have individuals who are trained, well trained."

Scott also defied the National Rifle Association by unveiling a sweeping plan to boost school security that would bar "violent or mentally ill" people from purchasing weapons, prohibit persons under the age of 21 from buying or owning guns, and outlaw so-called bump stocks that make it possible for semi-automatic weapons to fire faster.

Posted Friday, February 23, 2018

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President Trump Doubles Down On His Push To Arm Our Teachers

President Trump reemphasized the need to arm our teachers during his speech at CPAC. “And the beauty is, it’s concealed. Nobody would ever see it unless they needed it. It’s concealed. So this crazy man who walked in wouldn’t even know who it is that has it. That’s good. That’s not bad, that’s good. And a teacher would have shot of the hell out of him before he knew what happened,” he said.

This was also posted about 22 days ago.

BREAKING: Florida Governor Makes Announcement!

Florida Governor Rick Scott has made a number of proposals for school safety and mental health. His proposals would involve $500 million being allocated to schools.

What do you think about Rick Scott’s proposal? Please share and comment.

This was also posted about 22 days ago.

Look How Many Teachers Have Signed Up For Free Gun Training Since The Florida Shooting!

Hundreds of teachers in Ohio have rushed to sign up for free gun training offered by Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

From Fox News: An Ohio Sheriff is offering free gun training to teachers in response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald that the response from teachers and school administrators has been overwhelming. “We thought we’d get 20, 25 signed up. We had 50 within the first hour. We had 100 within two hours, we had three hundred within like five hours. We offered to teachers first, then we start getting calls from a secretary that works in the school, janitors that work in the school,” Jones said. Read more @ (Link:



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