BREAKING: Man With Gun Detained Near Trump’s Motorcade!

A man found with a gun near Trump’s motorcade has reportedly be detained.

RT reported: A van driver, who was carrying several journalists covering stories for President Donald Trump, was stopped and detained by Secret Service in Palm Beach, Florida while en-route to the president’s golf course.
The driver was pulled over and detained near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club when a handgun was found in his bag during a routine security check on Monday, according to Reuters.

After being questioned, the driver told security that he forgot to leave the firearm in another vehicle. The suspect is a contractor, not an official White House employee.

The journalists were not permitted to enter the compound and their vehicles were commandeered by White House staffers. One of the staffers grazed a Secret Service vehicle, causing minor damage.

Although the suspect was questioned off-site in a tent, he was not placed under arrest.

Monday’s incident comes during a very tense debate over gun legislation in Florida, after 17 people were killed at the Parkland High School by 19-year-old mass shooter Nikolas Cruz.
In another incident last November, an angry Florida driver tried to cut Trump’s motorcade off with his van while the president was on his way to the same location.

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Posted Monday, February 19, 2018



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