Check Out How This Conservative Has Said Liberals Can Get Gun Control

A recent column has suggested to gun control that if they really want meaningful gun reform, they need to stop calling the NRA a "terrorist organization."

From The Federalist:

Now that the smoke has settled after tragedy in Parkland, Florida, partisans on the Left and Right have hunkered down in their foxholes to fight a familiar fight. Many on the Left are so exasperated and furious with the lack of gun control measures in Congress that they have taken a fairly new route: calling the National Rifle Association (NRA) a terrorist organization.

We can argue about effectiveness of certain proposals, but if gun control advocates ever want gun owners to come to the table, they need to stop mindless name-calling or risk further dividing the country and neutering their cause.

In looking for a villain to blame for shootings across the country, many have latched onto the NRA, trying to turn the organization into a bogeyman to unite against. We saw this knee-jerk reaction from places like Keith Olberman in 2017 to the The Root to comedians like Michael Ian Black.

While it may feel cathartic in the moment to lash out online, it’s a gross misunderstanding of the NRA and the source of their power in American politics. Even worse, this sends a divisive message to gun owners across the country that further splits our already fractured republic.

The NRA Gets Its Power from Millions of Americans

The NRA is an old organization, founded originally in the wake of the Civil War to teach marksmanship to northerners unfamiliar with firearms. Fundamentally, the NRA is a membership organization. Members pay either hundreds of dollars for a lifetime membership or opt for memberships as expensive as $40 per year. In 2013 the NRA passed 5 million members. If all NRA members lived in a single city, it would be the second-largest in the country, behind only New York.

This big chunk of the American population is the true source of the NRA’s lobbying power. Sure, many firearms companies donate to the NRA, but that money is nothing compared to the power of their membership base. If politics is any predictor, money is hardly the determining factor in political success. We saw Hillary Clinton outspend Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign, and history is rife with monied interests losing out to motivated grassroots.

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Posted Monday, February 19, 2018

This was also posted about 26 days ago.

Celebrities Are Uniting To Push Gun Control!

A number of celebrities are promoting a March 24th "walkout" of students to push for gun control. From Breitbart: On March 24 students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and other schools around the country will march in hopes of pressuring Congress to pass more gun control. Although the March is officially titled “March for Our Lives,” BuzzfeedNews reports the march is indeed focused on securing gun control:

ABC News reports that South Broward High School students have already begun rallying for gun control, with Sophomore Genesis Campbell leading chants while holding a sign that read, “No more silence, end gun violence.” And this all comes after Nikolas Cruz complied with gun control to acquire a rifle, then carried that rifle into a gun-free school zone and opened fire, killing 17. Actress and gun control advocate Julianne Moore praised the students for pressuring Congress to act: Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

This was also posted about 26 days ago.

BREAKING: Florida Sheriff Pushing Gun Control Exposed Forcing Abortion On 17-Year-Old Girl!

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been accused of having an affair with a 17-year-old girl and forcing her to get an abortion in 2012. From The Gateway Pundit: In a YouTube video uploaded in 2012, an unidentified woman accused Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel of having an affair with her and forcing her to get an abortion when she was 17 years old. In a series of three videos uploaded to a channel called “Barry Israel,” the unidentified woman claims to have been in a six month long relationship with Israel. In the videos, she addresses Israel directly — seeming scorned and angry.

“Hi Scott, it’s me again. You know that at 17, because of you, I had to have an abortion. Now I’m finding out that you have three kids — and a kid from another marriage, and a wife of 20 years and you’re happily married. Are you serious?” the woman asks. The description for the video reads: Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

This was also posted about 29 days ago.

Rep. Steve Scalise speaks out on gun control debate

Rep. Steve Scalise on gun control debate: "Go pray for these families, care about these families. Don't try and promote your agenda in the middle of a tragedy."



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