Mom Jailed After Baptizing Daughter!

A woman in North Carolina was jailed after baptizing her daughter. The jailing stems from a custody dispute which prohibits certain religious activites.

From The NY Post:

A North Carolina woman is spending a week in the county jail — because she had her daughter baptized.

Kendra Stocks, of Charlotte, began her sentence on Friday after being found in contempt of court.

Stocks, 36, had the rite performed on her then-two-year-old in August 2016 in defiance of a judge’s order in a custody battle between herself and the father, Paul Schaaf, The Charlotte Observer reported.

The christening happened one day after a Mecklenburg judge gave full custody to Schaaf — “specifically including decisions concerning religion,” the paper reported.

Court documents obtained by the outlet revealed that both parents are practicing Catholics and wanted the child baptized and raised in the church. But the pair had long disagreed on spiritual matters — delaying the girl’s baptism, according to the report.

Schaaf was never informed about the baptism — and only learned of it when Stocks posted photos on Facebook, according to the documents. He then notified the courts.

District Court Judge Sean Smith found Stocks guilty of contempt last March, and wrote that the mother had acted in “bad faith disregard” when she failed to notify Schaaf of the baptism or give him any role in the ceremony, the paper reported.

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Posted Saturday, February 17, 2018



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