BREAKING: Look What President Trump Just Said About His Visit To Florida!

President Trump took to Twitter to once again recognize the people of Florida.

Posted Saturday, February 17, 2018

This was also posted about 30 days ago.

White House Destroys WaPo Reporters Over Misleading Report On President Trump's Florida Visit

Earlier this morning, Washington Posts White House Bureau chief posted a tweet praising a Trump hit piece claiming the president spent more time focusing on patting the first responders on the backs than comforting victims. "Very nice @jdawsey1 dispatch on Trump at Florida hospital — not as comforter in chief, but as congratulator in chief. Keep reading to the end," wrote Rucker.

This prompted a response from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "Actually @PhilipRucker it’s not very nice, but it is very misleading. @POTUS spent private time w/ victims of the shooting & their families. Out of respect for them he didn’t bring media into their hospital rooms but don’t let the truth get in the way of your anti-Trump narrative"

And even a response from the Director of Social Media and Assistant to the President Dan Scavino, Jr.: “That’s because at the hospital when President Trump goes from one room to the next focusing on spending time consoling shooting victims and their families — it’s private with no pool sprays. The stories and moments are very powerful and heartbreaking.”



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