BREAKING: Look Who Just Said It’s Time To Revamp the Constitution of the United States!

Former foreign-born NBA Player Kevin Nash just went political and claimed the U.S. Constitution is “very old” and that Americans are “brainwashed” to love their guns.

Breitbart reported: After 17 people were shot and killed by a deranged teenager at Parkland, Florida’s, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the former Laker took to Twitter to criticize gun rights.

Nash, who was born in South Africa and raised in Canada, first said that he didn’t understand the debate about guns, since private gun ownership was clearly not working.

“The rest of the world is having success prohibiting access to guns,” he wrote on Wednesday. “I don’t see what the debate is about. It’s not working here. People are dying at alarming rates. If you value guns more than life and safety I don’t understand:”
Then, after a few more tweets in which Nash disagreed with the statistics fans were throwing at him, the former MVP disputed that a gun in private hands ever saved anyone’s life. “When’s the last time someone had a gun in their home and it saved lives. I’ll wait..,” he tweeted.

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Posted Saturday, February 17, 2018



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