Interior to Hold 'YUGE' Sale of Offshore Oil and Gas in U.S. History!

The Department of Interior is having a "YUGE" sale of offshore oil and gas leases.
It's all part of President Trump's plan for American energy dominance. It's going to be big folks, and I mean really big. reports: The Interior Department said Friday the agency will hold the largest oil and gas lease sale in U.S. history, covering all available unleased areas in federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The sale, scheduled for March 21, covers 77 million acres off the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

“Responsibly developing our offshore energy resources is a major pillar of President Trump's American energy dominance strategy,” said Interior Department Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt.

“​A strong offshore energy program supports tens of thousands good-paying jobs and provides the affordable and reliable energy we need to heat homes, fuel our cars, and power our economy. We have the strongest safety regulations in the world and today's technology is making the responsible development of our resources even safer.”

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Posted Saturday, February 17, 2018

This was also posted about 31 days ago.

BREAKING: Mueller's Probe Might Never End!

According to Bloomberg, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe is set to continue "for months" with no set end date. From Zerohedge: The unveiling today of indictments against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities has raised speculation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be nearing the end of - or has effectively finished - his probe into collusion between the Trump administration and the Russian government. But sources are telling Bloomberg that this isn't true. In addition to obstruction and the various financial improprieties of certain Trump associates, Mueller is still actively investigating collusion. Earlier today, Trump tweeted in response to the indictment's release that it effectively vindicates the Trump campaign, since many of the activities cited in the document began in 2014.

Instead, Mueller's work is expected to continue "for months" with today's indictment representing only a small slice of the investigation. Friday’s indictment of a St. Petersburg-based “troll farm” and 13 Russian nationals should be seen as a limited slice of a comprehensive investigation, the person said. Mueller’s work is expected to continue for months and also includes examining potential obstruction of justice by Trump, said the person, who requested anonymity to discuss an investigation that is largely confidential. A federal grand jury indicted the Russians for what it alleged was a vast scheme to interfere in the 2016 election and help Trump win. But Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said at a news conference Friday that there is “no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant” in the alleged scheme. Given that there hadn't been any news from the investigation in a while, Mueller's indictment could be seen as an effort by to raise awareness about Russia’s capabilities as the 2018 US elections near. It's still possible Mueller will indict Americans for helping Russia. Lawmakers from both parties largely applauded the indictment, saying it puts Russia on notice, and some Democrats said it effectively vindicated Mueller. Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

This was also posted about 31 days ago.

BREAKING: Earthquake Rattles Major City!

Reports are coming in that a large earthquake has hit Mexico City. This story is developing, but initial reports are ranging between 7.0 and 7.5 magnitude.

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